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About was launched in November 2007 for the simple reason that there was, at the time, no reliable, comprehensive online English language guide to travelling in Colombia. Rapidly, has become the internet's most popular and frequently visited independent website offering Colombia travel advice. Being 100% independent means that we're 100% free to offer you advice that (hopefully) really counts, and really helps.

As of February 2010, is getting about 900 unique visitors a day - over 300,000 visitors per year. Our Spanish language translation was completed in July 2009, so we expect traffic levels to continue to grow.

About the Author

I moved from the UK to Medellin, Colombia in September 2007. Soon I discovered that it was almost impossible to find any useful online information about Colombia's travel destinations. With a background as a Latin America travel consultant (I previously worked for Journey Latin America, the UK's top tour operator to Latin America), plus experience in website design (rather basic I admit!) and SEO, I launched this website.

I'm a 30 year old Brit. I write all the English language content, and my amazing Colombian wife translated the Spanish language content for this website. I offer advice in my own style - advice based around a preference for high quality and authentic travel experiences, unique destinations suitable for cultured, discerning, well travelled, adventurous people. If a hotel or company is crap, I'll tell you. If it's great I promote it.

On this site you won't find me promoting big chain hotels or all inclusive resorts, as that's just not the type of travel I like to encourage. Having worked in the past as a community ecotourism consultant, I've a particular soft spot for responsible, philanthropic, ethical travel. I love Colombia, and love to promote the country.

If you want to contact me about this site, email chris ~ @ ~ (remove the ~'s of course).

Although I am very happy for people to email me suggestions or feedback with regards to the information provided on this website, please do not email me asking questions or seeking advice on travelling in Colombia. If you want advice, I suggest you post your question on a Colombia travel forum. Alternatively, if you are a journalist wanting to write about Colombia, or a travel agency / tour operator seeking advice about this up and coming destination, I'm very happy to help in any way I might. is owned by UK company CH Travel Ltd. - guide to travel in Colombia. Colombia Travel Guide. All rights reserved.