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Colombia's Climate & When to Visit

What is the weather like in Colombia, and when is best to visit?

Colombia's climate varies by region, but generaly the best months weather-wise are December to February. However, this is also Colombia's peak tourism season, when everything is crowded and prices rise significantly - you're advised to avoid these months if you don't like lots of crowds and busy beaches. Mid June to mid July, along with Easter week also are very busy peak tourism seasons in Colombia.

Intermittent rainfall can occur at any time of the year in Colombia, but it's particularly common in April/May and October/November. Colombia's Coffee country sees rains well into December. Generally speaking, the temperature is affected by altitude - all coastal areas can become very hot and humid, while the higher one is the cooler the temperature. Cities and travel destiantions above 2000 metres are generally warm during the day but can get quite cold at night.

The climate of Colombia's eastern regions sees rain from March to September, while Choco on the Pacific coast is one of the rainiest places (year round) in South America.

On the whole, Colombia's climate is fairly unpredictable. Many cities, such as Medellin, have a fantasic year round spring like climate. As a whole, Colombia is a year round travel destination - just avoid the domestic tourism season if at all possible! - guide to travel in Colombia. Colombia Travel Guide. All rights reserved.