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Trekking & Mountaineering in Colombia

The best possibilities for trekking in Colombia are in the National Parks of Los Nevados and Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. The scenery in all both parks is quite spectacular - Colombia offers some of the best trekking in all of South America. Colombia's most famous trek, is the Indiana Jones style 5 day rainforest hike to the ruins of Ciudad Perdida.

Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy

The Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy, about 8 hours from Bogota, has over 20 snow capped peaks and some forty lagoons - the trekking scenery is quite stunning and possibly the best in all of Colombia. There are various mountaineering packages of up to 10 days that can be arranged by local tour operators, though it's possible to do the complete 10 circuit hike on your own if you're an experienced trekker and have a good map. Those who prefer not to spend a week trekking and sleeping in a tent can find accommodation in the park at Hacienda La Esperanza or Kanwara Cabanas. Hotels in El Cocuy include Casa Museo Aposentos de la Morenita, La Casona, Casa Herrera, Villa Real and Hospedaje El Cocuy. There are also hotels in nearby Guican. December to March are the best months for trekking in Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy. See the extensive section on El Cocuy National Park for more information.

Trekking in Los Nevados

In Park Los Nevados, the most popular climb is is to the snow capped peak of Nevado del Ruiz, while nearby peak of Nevado del Tolima is a little more challenging for avid mountaineers. Those who don't want to hike to the snow line can arrange trekking circuits in Park Los Nevados of up to five days - various tour operators in Manizales can arrange such trekking tours. See the Los Nevados section for more information.

Trekking in Purace National Park

In Southern Colombia, the numerous volcanic craters of Purace National Park, near Popayan, has some stunning shorter trekking routes where you might be lucky enough to encounter wildlife such as puma, mountain tapir or spectacled bear. There are also hot springs at San Juan, waterfalls and small indigenous villages that can be visited in the area of Purace National Park. There are hotels in Purace town, nearby Pilimbala and a visitor centre in the park offering accommodation.

Ciudad Perdida

If you don't enjoy high altitudes and freezing cold, consider trekking in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to Colombia's "Lost City" of Ciudad Perdida. It's a highly memorable 5 day hike through Colombia's rainforests and rivers to ruins that were only re-discovered in 1975.

Rock & Ice Climbing in Colombia

Suesca, near Nemocon, is 50km north of Bogota and a popular area for rock climbing. There are rocks suitable for beginner and expert rock climbers. Suesca can get busy during the weekends and during holidays, so to avoid the crowds visit mid week. Sierra Nevada del Cocuy's eastern flank also has some stunning rock climbs. Ice climbing is possible in Los Nevados, Cocuy and Nevado de Huila. - trekking in Colombia:
Trekking in Colombia
Los Nevados National Park, Colombia.

Park Del Cocuy
Park del Cocuy, Colombia.

Colombia's Ciudad Perdida
Colombia's Ciudad Perdida, or "Lost City" Trek.

Los Nevados Video
Park del Cocuy Video
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