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Medellin Hotels

Medellin has a range of hotels catering towards every budget. The best hotels (and restaurants - see later for restaurant advice) are in the Poblado district, a leafy and safe suburb with Medellin's best nightlife and restaurants nearby. Cheaper hotels can be found in the city centre ("El Centro"), but it's not a particularly nice area in which to stay.

I personally see very little point in staying anywhere other than in Poblado, where there is a range of accommodation from great value backpacker hostels to more luxury hotels.

Park Diez Hotel: there are 55 spacious and luxurious rooms in total, and very pleasant communal areas and restaurants. The next door La Fragata restaurant is one of the best in Medellin. I used to suggest that this was the best smaller hotel in Medellin, but there's a lot of competition now (in Poblado).

Art Hotel - 54 rooms at this stylish hotel which has a great location just 100 metres from Parque Lleras in Poblado.

Casa Victoria - a new, mid range, reasonably priced option (in Poblado).

La Casa Medellin - a small, expensive boutique hotel in Poblado, Medellin.

Medellin Royal - probably the best of the large, modern hotels in Medellin.

Hotel Dann Carlton: For many years, this was to be Medellin's best large hotel (but it doesn't really match up to the more recent competition). The top floor restaurant has a spectacular setting with 360 degree panoramic views over Medellin assisted by a rotating floorboard. Aside from the pathetic plastic wine list, it's a very good restaurant.

These are the pick of the bunch. There's plenty more to choose from though, including the Four points by Sheraton, Holiday Inn Express, Plaza Rosa Hotel, Hotel Belfort Dann, Intercontinental, the Hotel El Poblado Plaza or the Hotel Lincoln.

Hostels in Medellin

Choice of the backpacker or budget traveller will be to stay in a hostel. Medellin has quite a few, these are the best:

Geo Hostel - this very new hostel has a super-modern, contemporary design and is a few blocks from Parque Lleras.

Pit Stop Hostel - Irish owned, and opened in 2008. Well located, and has a swimming pool too.

Casa Kiwi - Kiwi owned, and a great location a few blocks from the Zona Rosa in Poblado. Private and dorm rooms - can get full very quickly.

Tiger Paw Hostel - this American owned hostel has a great location in the heart of Poblado.

Black Sheep Hostel - another Kiwi owned hostal, well located but slightly further away from the nightlife action in the Zona Rosa. Also a very popular choice.

Restaurants in Medellin

This restaurant advice dates from 2007/08 when I lived in Medellin - it may rapidly become out of date as Medellin is changing so fast (lots more choices now than just a few years ago).

Medellin has many fine restaurants, most of which are concentrated in the upmarket Poblado area. Parque Lleras has some of Medellin's best nightlife - here bars and restaurants surround a small park and the bars continue along side streets in all directions. The restaurants on Parque Lleras are ok, but the best ones are found slightly futher away. All of the following restaurants in Medellin are reasonably priced but offer excellent food in a relaxing atmosphere in El Poblado district:

Ron de Vinola - by far the best steaks in Medellin are found at this excellent restaurant which is at the beginning of the road known as the Transversal Inferior, just of the major road Las Palmas.

La Fragata Restaurant - the best seafood in Medellin is found at this upmarket restaurant that is attached to the Park Diez Hotel on Carrera 36.

La Bottega del Vino - excellent pizzas, pastas and fine Italian food are found at this Italian owned restaurant that's on Carrera 36 just down the road from La Fragata.

Hotel Dann - the food is good here, but not as great as the other restaurants mentioned above. Here what is special is the amazing top floor skyscraper views over the city of Medellin, and the revolving floor upon which you sit to eat.

Medellin, Colombia
Medellin in December.

Medellin Flower Festival
Flower festival in Medellin, which is held annually in August (Feria de las Flores) Colombia Travel Guide. All rights reserved.