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How Safe - how safe is it to travel to Colombia?
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Malaria & Immunisations - health advice.
Best Travel Guidebook - which is the best take it with you guidebook?
Colombia to Panama - can you travel overland to Panama?
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Cost of Travel - how much does it cost to travel around Colombia?
Colombia Flights Advice - domestic airline route maps and advice on international flights and airpasses, including tips on getting elsewhere in South America.
Colombia Map & Safety - Where is safe to visit?
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Festivals - where can I party? I wanna meet the local people!

Destination Guides

North Colombia & Caribbean Coast:
Cartegena - a colonial gem of the Caribbean coast, this is South America's most beautiful colonial city.
Rosario Islands - Colombia's most beautiful islands.
Santa Marta - a beach resort popular with Colombian tourists, and international travellers.
Park Tayrona - the finest beaches in South America?
Ciudad Perdida - a legendary trek to ancient ruins.
La Guajira - deserts, indigenous people and empty beaches.
San Andres - unbelievably turquoise seas and lovely beaches.
Providencia - one of the last unspoilt Caribbean Islands left.
Providencia flights - comprehensive advice.
San Bernardo Islands - less visited, but beautiful islands.
Capurgana - near Panama, beaches and eco tours.

Bogota & Northern Colombia:
Bogota - Capital city, with a lovely colonial quarter and great nightlife.
Villa de Leiva -Colombia's most charming colonial town.
San Gil - Colombia's adventure sports capital.
El Cocuy - amazing long trekking routes in the National Park.
Mompos - time stands still in this tranquil colonial town.

Paisa Country (Central Colombia):
Medellin City - a wonderful surprise to all visitors.
Medellin Hotels - accommodation and hotel options in Medellin.
El Penol - a giant rock, and a lovely lake.
Antioquia's Oriente - colonial towns near Medellin.
Santa Fe Antioquia - beautiful colonial town near Medellin.
Rio Claro - a river, and rainforest, so beautiful it's hard to imagine.
Coffee Country - the coffee growing region is full of natural attractions.
Los Nevados Park - snow clad peaks and fantastic trekking.

Southern Colombia:
Cali - Salsa, beautiful girls, and more salsa nightlife.
San Cipriano - for a journey you'll remember.
Popayan - colonial town, en route to...
San Agustin - amazing ancient stone statues.
Tierradentro - fascinating ancient tombs.
Pasto - a scenic stop off region en route South towards Ecuador.
Leticia - Amazon rainforest tours and jungle lodges.

Colombia's Pacific Coast:
Choco - overview of the Pacific region.
Gorgona Island - whale watching and tours of a derelict prison.
Nuqui - Colombia's best surfing spot.
Bahia Solano - Colombia's top deep sea fishing destination.

Eastern Colombia:
Los Llanos - Sprawling plains and a cowboy lifestyle not far from Bogota.
Cano Cristales - the worlds most beautiful river.
Chingaza National Park - a wonderful paramo National Park just an hour from Bogota.

Colombia's Activities & Tours

Where is best for what? What to see, what to do, and where to go if you're interested in any of the following types of vacation activities:

Tours General - overview
Adventure Tours - are you affter extreme sports or activities?
Archaeological Tours - ancient artefacts and ruins galore.
Backpacking - where to hang out, and meet other backpackers.
Beaches - where are the finest beaches and resorts for your vacation?
Birdwatching Tours - Colombia is certainly a birders paradise.
Boutique Hotels - What are the best small luxury and boutique hotels in Colombia?
Colonial Cities - charming cities are all over the country.
Discount Travel Tips - how to find cheap deals and discounts.
Ecotourism & Wildlife Tours - where is best for nature tours?
Group (Escorted) Tours - scared of visiting on your own? You needn't be, but you could always travel in a group.
Horseback Riding - Simon Bolivar did it - so can you!
Nightlife & Colombian Girls - nighlife is buzzing, and the girls the most beautiful in all of South America.
Rafting - whitewater options, plus some others...
Scuba Diving - some of South America's best diving is found in Colombia - where?
Surfing, Windsurfing & Sailing - where is best for watersports?
Tailor Made & Luxury Tours - luxury vacations advice.
Travel to Equador & Galapogas Islands - tips on combining Colombia with a trip to Equador.
Travel to Venezuala - tips on combining Colombia with a vacation to Venezuala.
Trekking & Mountaineering - where's the best scenery, and best hiking?

Colombia Travel Videos

In addition to the destination guides, and advice on where to visit according to your interests, check out these Colombia travel videos.

Colombia travel videos (Main)
San Andres
Rosario Islands
Santa Marta
Park Tayrona
Ciudad Perdida
La Guajira
Villa de Leyva
Park del Cocuy
Rio Claro
Medellin: Flower Festival
Medellin: Mangos nightclub
El Penol (Antioquia)
Santa Fe de Antioquia
Los Nevados
San Cipriano
Bahia Solano
San Agustin
Leticia & the Amazon
Miss Colombia

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San Cipriano
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Isla Gorgona
Bahia Solano is Columbia's #1 online travel guide.

Cows & Bogota's Presidential Palace

Cartegena City, Colombia

Salsa Dancing in Cali
Cali, Colombia.

Medellin Girls, Colombia

San Andres Beaches, Colombia
San Andres beaches.

Colombian Girls
Girls of Colombia: beautiful whether in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena or Santa Marta.

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