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One of Colombia's archaeological travel highlights, Tierradentro's principal attraction are the ancient man made burial caves and tombs that are painted with mysterious geometric patterns of the Tierradentro Archaeological Park. There are a total of four caves sites to explore, and hundreds of actual tombs have been discovered. Allow a complete morning to explore the tombs and their very scenic mountainous surroundings (14km hike in total), then spend the afternoon in the two musuems (to avoid the heat of the afternoon). The mountainous scenery around Tierradentro is very scenic, and one could easily spend a few extra days hiking or horseback riding in the area, which is also very good for birdwatching.

Paez Indians live in this region of Colombia and hold interesting indigenous Saturday markets at both Belalcazar and Inza. Numerous small indigenous villages can be visited for those who want to go on off the beaten track trekking or horseback riding tours.

There aren't many hotels in the area, and all are relatively basic. Residencias Pisimbala is probably the best option.

Tierradentro is about 4-5 hours travel overland from Popayan (take a bus via Inza). Alternatively, it's about 10 hours from Bogota (change in La Plata) or 5 hours from San Agustin (again, change in La Plata). Check the safety situation locally as this part of Colombia has seen guerilla activity in the past, though it is now frequented by tourists and considered safe.

Travel tips: it's best to bring a torch when exploring the caves. There's no bank or internet in this region.

Tierradentro tombs:
Tierradentro Tombs, Colombia
Tierradentro tombs, Colombia.

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