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Neighbouring Venezuala is commonly combined with vacations to Colombia. There are a few overland routes, but safety issues mean most tourists choose to catch a flight from Colombia to Venezuala. Airlines that fly between Colombia and Venezuala include Avianca and Aeropostal.

Venezuala Travel Highlights

Venezuala's capital city of Caracas has little of interest to tourists, though you will invariably find yourself spending at least one night on your vacation to Venezuala. It's normally best to book an airport hotel in Caracas, and use it as a hub for travel to elsewhere in Venezuala. Many tourists top travel highlight is Angel Falls, though make sure you visit during the rainy season to avoid dissapointment. Many visitors book a flight over Angel Falls, or visit by a long days canoe trip, which might involve camping at the base of the falls. Canaima National Park is thew base for visits to Angel Falls, and the beautiful area has some excellent trekking. A flight further South East from Canaima, and one arrives close to Roraima, Venezuala's best trekking area (table top mountains aka Conan Doyle's "the Lost World".

Travel West from Caracas to Venezuala's wetlands known as the Llanos. This area is excellent for both horseback riding and wildlife viewing vacations. A little further west is the lovely colonial town of Merida, a university city in the Andes that has various adventure travel activites in the surrounding countryside.

For many, Venezuala's top travel attractions include it's beaches. Isla Margarita is the most popular of these, and is frequented by those on cheap package holidays. The beaches on Isla Margarita are good, if a little crowded. More relaing and upmarket beaches can be found on the beautiful islands of Los Roques, which is a short flight from Caracas. Los Roques is part of a National Park, and activities include relaxing on the beaches, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and windsurfing. On Venezuala's mainland, there are also fine beaches at Rio Caribe, a few hours overland travel from Caracas. guide to Venezuala addons for your travels in Colombia. Colombia Tours & Travel Guide. All rights reserved.