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Bahia Solano & Around

Bahia Solano is a small Colombian holiday resort popular for it's nearby beach resorts, deep sea fishing and scuba diving. Bahia Solano doesn't have any decent beaches itself - most tourists choose to stay at a resort closeby. Playa Huina, Playa Potes and Playa de la Paridera are nearby beaches and all have accommodation options.

Alternatively, travel along the road south to Bahia Solano's smaller neighbour El Valle, which has great beaches sincluding the nearby Playa El Almejal, as well as great surfing possibilities and rainforest nature walks nearby. The two/three hour walk from El Valle to the Cascada del Tigre waterfall is recommended. From September to December El Valle is a good spot to see nesting turtles on the nearby beaches (especially at Playa Cuevita).

To travel to Bahia Solano, there are flights from Bogota and Medellin with Satena and Ada, or cargo boats from Buenaventura (a long long journey - the service is relatively infrequent and rather unscheduled, and costs about 100,000 pesos one way). It's also possible to travel by boat North to Jaque in Panama (about 10 hours travel time, costing 150,000 pesos per person). See the travelling onwards to Panama section for more details.

Bahia Solano & El Valle Hotels

Almost all hotels can arrange transportation from Bahia Solano for you. Some also offer packages including flights from Medellin or Bogota.

El Almejal "Ecolodge" - found on Playa El Almejal, this "ecolodge" has 12 basic cabins, a whale watching tower, pleasant communal areas and a butterfly garden. Rooms are in cabins and with private terrace. This is the most expensive and luxurious hotel near Bahia Solano - El Almejal is found on the road between Bahia Solano and El Valle.

Playa de Oro Lodge - located on a long beach, this is one of Bahia Solano's longest established hotels. There are four blocks, each with eight rooms with balcony and hammock, some of which have a sea view, while others a rainforest view. Playa de Oro Lodge is on Playa Huina, 20 minutes by boat from Bahia Solano. This is a family orientated resort.

Mapara Crab Hotel - a secluded small resort with cabins right on the beach at Playa de Paridera, to the North of Bahia Solano. Great sea views from all the cabins.

Choibana - a lodge on a private beach with beautiful views, surrounded by jungle.

Playa Alegre Cabins - beach front cabins, and a good option for surfing bear El Valle. This is a well established hotel, operating for over 10 years. Found on Playa Almejal, and next door to the more expensive El Almejal Ecolodge.

The best budget hotels around Bahia Solano are probably Cabanas Brisas del Mar (at Playa Huina) and Hotel Valle (in El Valle).

Colombia's small beach resort of Bahia Solano:
Bahia Solano, Colombia
Bahia Solano Town.

Bahia Solano Beaches:
Beaches of Bahia Solano, Colombia
There's many fine beaches near Bahia Solano.

Bahia Solano Beach Resorts
Hotel Playa de Oro in Bahia Solano, Colombia.

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