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Colombia's Pacific Coast:
Gorgona Island
Bahia Solano

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Isla Gorgona (Gorgona Island)

Until the mid 1980's, Gorgona Island was Colombia's Alcatraz style high security prison. The prison is now derelict, complete with swinging monkeys and a range of other animal and plant life, and makes for an interesting visit. Gorgona Island also has a few unspoilt sandy beaches (there's much better beaches elsewhere on the Pacific coast though), and the area is great for nature tours, birdwatching and snorkelling. The whole travel experience is like none other. Gorgona Island is also one of Colombia's best spots for whale watching - the best months are from July to September, when killer whales, amongst others, are often seen. Gorgona is also great for scuba diving.

Pretty much everything is forbidden on Gorgona Island - you're not even allowed to drink alcohol, and your bags will be searched for it upon arrival.

In terms of visiting Isla Gorgona, it's simplest to contact Aviatur, who manage many of Colombia's National Parks. They'll book an all inclusive package that includes flights to nearby Guapi, a two hour boat transfer plus the food and accommodation - there's one  beautiful lodge in which to stay, click here for info. The cost of such brief packages is a rather expensive 1 million pesos per person. Alternatively, determined independent travellers could either fly to Guapi (with Satena, from Cali or Popayan) or go overland to Buenaventura, and arrange boat transport from either.

Colombia's Isla Gorgona prison:
Prison Life in Colombia
The old prison on Gorgona Island.

Gorgona Island Beaches
Gorgona Island also has some fine beaches on Colombia's Pacific Coast.

Gorgona Island, Colombia
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