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Honeymoons in Colombia

The following advice is based upon by extensive knowledge of travel destinations in Colombia, where I live, plus the fact that I very recently took a honeymoon myself (not in Colombia though!) and as such have plenty of advice about what makes for the perfect honeymoon! My advice is to not opt for the exciting, action packed holiday of a lifetime to Colombia - instead go to romantic places where it is easy to relax and unwind! 

Weddings take an enormous amount of planning – come your honeymoon, all you will want to do is C.H.I.L.L , and spend some quality time with your new spouse. Colombia has some wonderful destinations for a truly memorable honeymoon - here’s some suggestions for a great romantic break.

Must Visits on Colombia Honeymoons

Cartagena - is probably the most beautiful colonial city on the continent. Cartagena is a romantic place to stroll the streets whilst admiring the architecture and taking in an ambience which can feel centuries old. The city is a great place for candle-lit meals out in old plazas where traditional musicians will inevitably try to serenade your table. Taking a ride on a horse drawn cart is a fine (if not somewhat clichéd) way to explore the old town. It gets very, very hot during the afternoon – make sure you opt for a hotel (in the old town) with a swimming pool to where you can escape from the heat in the afternoons. My personal favourite in Cartagena (I’ve looked around most of the top hotels in the old town) is the very fine Cartagena de Indias hotel. 3 or 4 nights is a good amount of time to spend in Cartagena. Just don’t visit the beaches – all the beaches in or anywhere near Cartagena are over-crowded and with murky water and are full of very pushy beach hawkers. So visit for the old town, not the beaches!

Providencia – this is the Caribbean island to get away from it all whilst on honeymoon in Colombia. It’s laid back, sleepy and peaceful even by Caribbean standards! Providencia is a volcanic island with rainforested peaks, near-deserted beaches and crystalline waters. Most people haven’t even heard of the island, so it receives few visitors and is an authentic place to really relax and unwind. The warm Caribbean waters are super calm and super clear – snorkelling is great, and the Western hemisphere’s second largest barrier reef is just offshore (great for scuba diving). My recommended place to stay is the new luxury hotel Deep Blue, whose infinity edged plunge pools have views to die for. Providencia is a long way from the mainland (two flights), but just about everyone agrees it’s worth the effort to reach this charming paradise! If you’ve come this far, stay at least 4 nights.

Other options for Colombia Honeymoons

By no means are the two suggested destinations above the only places worth visiting in Colombia when on honeymoon. You might also consider any of the following destinations for a romantic break:

Coffee Country - if you would like to see more of the mainland, Colombia’s coffee country is one of the most scenic and authentic parts to visit. There’s gentle hiking opportunities, scenic countryside and coffee farms and haciendas that can be visited. I have yet to discover a top quality hotel I can recommend though….

Park Tayrona - some of Colombia’s most beautiful beaches are found in this National Park. The experience is a mix of jungle, beautiful coastal scenery and very scenic beaches. The only drawback is that the sea is almost always very rough, with strong currents and is very dangerous to swim in. So don’t expect to be cuddling your spouse whilst frolicking in the Caribbean sea – go in past your knees and your honeymoon being your last ever holiday! Having said this, it’s still very much worth visiting Park Tayrona for its scenery. Accommodation options are restricted to sleeping in a hammock or the very nice Eco Habs hotel.

Amazon - if you want to include a little adventure on your honeymoon to Colombia, I feel that the place to do so is the Amazon region around Leticia. You can go on jungle treks, piranha fishing and caiman watching (catching!) trips. With luck you’ll spot some interesting wildlife – monkeys, dolphins, parrots etc. The Amazon isn’t for everyone though – during the day you’ll get dirty, wet, sweaty and bitten by mosquitoes. But at the end of the day, a shower and fresh set of clothes followed by a beer, on the veranda, whilst you listen to the sounds of the jungle with your new spouse can be a romantic and very special experience. The place I would recommend to stay at would be the Heliconia Lodge – a slightly rustic but a very comfortable place to stay in a remote part of the Amazon.

These are the destinations I’d personally recommend for a honeymoon in Colombia. I’m not saying there is nowhere else of interest in the country – there are a huge number of other interesting places to visit. I just don’t think they are suitable for honeymoons. They are either not relaxing enough destinations (Santa Marta, San Andres, plus all other cities), or too adventurous and potentially uncomfortable (eg; La Guajira), or they don’t have accommodation of high enough standard for a honeymoon (much of Southern Colombia).

Cartagena by Moonlight
Cartagena - colonial gem with many boutique hotels.

Crystaline Waters
Sip a cocktail without another tourist in sight...the Caribbean sea is crystal clear in Providencia, unlike most beaches on the mainland.

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